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Joyor S10S

Electric Scooter Joyor S10-S is a new exclusive Joyor Model. Joyor Electric Scooter S10-S is resistant, durable and powerful. Joyor S10-S is an all-road electric scooter that adapts perfectly to all types of terrain. Moreover, it has two 1.000W brushless gearless motors and a battery of 60V 18Ah. S10-S has a distance range between 70-85km on one full charge. It has air tires, front and rear hydraulic disc brakes and double front and rear suspensions.



New S10-S: The most powerful Joyor ever

What makes this model so powerful?

Electric scooter Joyor S10-S is the most potent Joyor product.

This scooter has two engines, located at the front and the rear, of 1000W each, giving this model power of 2000W. Another feature that makes it unique is the front and rear hydraulic disc brakes. Every detail is carefully designed to ensure that you can enjoy both urban and off-road riding experiences. Chassis, suspension, brakes, and engines are aligned in one wholistic system for you to break free and conquer any type of route with power, stability, and control. You can buy it only online and in the official Joyor stores.

Electric Scooter Joyor S10-S Description

If you are looking for an all-road electric scooter that adapts perfectly to all types of terrain, for sporty riding, with full suspension, wide autonomy, and great motor power, the Joyor S10-S is for you. It is equipped with:

  • Two 1.000W brushless gearless motors
  • A battery of 60V 18Ah
  • 10″ air tires
  • Front and rear hydraulic disc brakes
  • Double front and rear suspensions and a distance range between 70-85km on one full charge
  • Front and rear lights and turn signal for a safe drive during the night

These features make it unique and ideal for you to enjoy a soft, comfortable, and safe ride without vibration.

Joyor S10-S is a new exclusive model and the stock availability is limited. There are only very few available in Europe. Joyor gives you the opportunity to become one of the first owners of an electric scooter of this type.

Promotional Conditions

Only applicable to purchases made before February 15th and limited to the first 50 units sold. The delivery period is from February 15th onwards. Free shipping costs in the Iberian Peninsula, the Balearic Islands, and the rest of Europe. Exceptions: The product is not sold in the Canary Islands, the autonomous cities of Ceuta and Melilla, the United Kingdom, and Switzerland.

About Joyor Electric Scooter S10-S

Power 2.000W (1.000W + 1.000W)
Standard Load Capacity 120kg
Material Aluminum alloy
Speed 25km/h (limited)
Dimensions Fold 1150x610x525mm
Weight 27.1kg
Range 70-85km
Brakes Front and rear hydraulic disc brakes
Cruise Function Yes
Voltage 60V
Battery 18.0Ah
Color Black
Battery Lithium ion
Tire Size 10” air tires
Dashboard Multifunction Color LCD Dashboard with a USB port