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We are open for collaboration with companies who have passion for sustainable electric scooters and bikes. If you are interested in becoming our official dealer, please contact us. You can also simply fill out the application form below and we will contact you as soon as possible

What You Receive for Being Joyor Electric Scooter Partner

Joyor Electric Scooter Warranty

Creative Marketing

pompt delivery

prompt delivery

warranty & support

warranty & support

attractive margins

widest product

widest product range in the industry

winning products

winning products

How to Become Official Distributor of Joyor Electric Scooter

step 1

Step 1

Contact us via email or fill in the application form below. Provide us the following information: Company Name, Your Name, Company Website, Email, Phone Number, How You Learnt About Joyor Scooter

step 2

Step 2

We will contact you shortly to address all your questions and discuss the details. You will also go through the Joyor Scooter verification process.

step 3

Step 3

Place your first order. You can also schedule a visit and stop by our office to check out different models.

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